4th Annual Big Girl Tea Party

The school year is winding down, spring is giving way to summer and 5th grade girls are standing on the edge of a vast chasm.  They must cross a rickety bridge to get to the other side called middle school.  They eagerly look ahead to independence, 8th grade boys and mascara stashed in their back packs.  Before they take that step away from childhood I want to honor the girls they were and the women they will become with a Big Girl Tea Party.

These girls have been a part of the after school program at our church (of which this past year I was Director).  This is my way of showing them how special I think they are.

This year’s menu:

Cucumber sandwiches
Pineapple cream cheese sandwiches
Petit fours
Strawberries & raspberries
Raspberry macaroons
Mango spritzer

I went with a butterfly theme on the invitations and decorated my back porch with paper butterflies.  I used my Cricut and My Quiet Book cartridge to cut out butterflies.

(I blurred out my address and phone number.  It’s not that I don’t trust you.  I do.  It’s the creepy internet creepers that I don’t trust.  You know who you are and you should be ashamed of yourselves)

BFF made the Petit Fours and the most amazing butter cream to go with the strawberries.

Top row: yours truly, Donna – a 5th grade bible study leader, Megan – Co-Director, Christine – BFF/Children’s Choir Director

Bottom row: three of our lovely 5th grade girls

After tea time it was craft time.  We made glass magnets.  I showed everybody the wonders of the Cricut.  Seriously, it’s an amazing machine.

Fly little 5th grade birds.  Venture into the scary unknown that is middle school with love in your hearts and confidence to say no boys and micro minis.

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