She loves him in spite of his ways that she don’t understand…

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Last week was the 1st grade program at school. Addison was not at all happy about it. He hates singing in front of people…who’s child is this again? 97% of the time he stood where he was supposed to stand, stare blankly out at the audience and not move his mouth. Not one little bit. Every now and then he does mouth a word or two and will even do a pitiful attempt at the motions that go along with the song but I know for a fact that no sound is coming out of his mouth. Not long into the first song he started picking his nose. He gave each nostril a thorough cleaning. I wasn’t surprised by this at all. In fact I was waiting for it to happen as it’s what he does. What I was pleasantly surprised at was that he only dug for gold one other time during the program. (Dear Husband and I are at a loss as to how to get him to break this gross habit but that’s a post for another time) More than once during the program he turned completely around to admire the set decorations as if oblivious to what was going on around him. At one point he started examining his hands and nails. At what point in his life did the deplorable state of his fingernails become a concern to him? During the first grade program, that’s when.

Each 1st grade class did a dance number in between songs. Addison’s class broke off from the group, got on stage and did a rousing rendition of Aretha Franklin’s RESPECT. Guess what? He was awesome. He had killer dance moves and was having the time of his life. He even broke out The Sprinkler move. Once the song was over he did a silly little dance down the stairs, back on the risers and turned back into a bump on a log.

Singing in front of people is not his strong suit. Clearly. That night I started to think about other things that are not his strong suit. Then I got into bed and started to embrace the fact that I’ve got a blossoming goof-ball on my hands. The next morning I read post at Momestary called On Gifts and Talents. I was so touched that I knew I had to share it with anybody who would listen. If you’re a mommy or daddy who has ever made comparisons between your kid and the A+ kid, then please go and read it. Even if you haven’t compared or your kid IS the homerun hitter then, still, go and read it.

I know that there are a lot of mammas out there a lot like me…worriers. Am I doing the right thing? Are they in the right preschool? Do I have him in the right activities? Should I start her in piano lessons? Is he missing out by not playing soccer? What does it mean that she missed those spelling words?

Glennon at Momestary put it all in prospective for me with her post. I don’t have all the answers to those questions. I don’t know what he’s going to turn out to be but I do know that he is amazing. I do know that he is fearfully and wonderfully made. He is unique and special because he is a child of God. He has his own set of creative and beautiful talents and we will discover them and nurture them together when the time is right. Our two precious boys will look to Dear Husband and myself for reassurance that things are going to be alright. I know for a fact that I can give them that reassurance with every hug, every I love you, every you are special and important. It may not always be easy and they may not be super star soccer players but we’ll figure it out together.

Through tear drops and laughter they’ll walk through this world hand in hand. She’s a good-hearted woman in love with a good timin’ man.

(First day of 1st grade)

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  1. Julie

    This is a great post! And Eisenhower elem, that poor old block of a building, has never looked better than in instagram :).

  2. Bella

    Omg! This sounds so much like my Professor. It’s so nice to meet you and i hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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