Staycation – Day 5 Bartlesville

Before we said goodbye to Yogi Bear Addison and I spent a little more time on the floating bouncy thing and the floating slide.

By the time we got packed up it was time for lunch.  We had to pass through Checotah so we found a local restaurant thanks to Yelp.  June’s Restaurant turned out to be pretty tasty.  Dear Husband liked to point out that any one of the people walking through that door could be the next American Idol.

On to Bartlesville.  Dear Husband holds a place for Bartlesville in his dear heart as his grandparents used to live there and he has fond memories.  We did a little driving tour to try and find the two houses they lived in and of the downtown area.  For a small town it has a nice downtown thanks to ConocoPhillips.

These beautiful buffalo statues were all over downtown, each one painted in it’s own unique way.  This one was one of my favorites because of the mirror ball testicles.  Yes, mirror ball balls.

We ate dinner at 2 Sisters Pub and Grille.  A bowl of fried okra and sweet potato fries counts as a vegetable…right?

After dinner we headed to the Kiddie Park.  Dear Husband remembers coming here when he was a little kid and couldn’t wait to get our boys there.  Talk about a blast from the past.  Most of the rides are .25 each (the “bigger” ones are .50) and they are all probably original.

I’m not kidding when I say that Harry looked like he was having the time of his life on this little ride.  He threw a pretty big fit (as big as he can muster, anyway) when it was time to get off.  Not to worry…the turtle awaits.

It took some coaxing but I finally got Addison to ride the “roller coaster” with me.  He was apprehensive at first but it only took one drop where his bottom came off the seat a little for him to be hooked.

He had his own little fit when it was over but that quickly ended at the suggestion of cotton candy.

Only two tickets left.  What will it be???

This was the most economical fun I think we have ever had.  This fun evening of kiddie rides, cotton candy and extreme heat only put us out $5.25.

Everybody was tired and ready for bed.  Harry can hardly lift a finger…

Staycation Day 6

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  1. rachel

    The best part about this post is listening to M workout why she didn’t see Addisson at Kiddie Park when she was there 2 weeks ago! Apparently she rode in the same boat, though she recommends you try the snowcones next time as they are “way better than cotton candy on a very hot day.”

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