Oklahoma Staycation – Day 1

This year we opted to do another “Staycation”.  Staycation is when you take off a week of work and hang at home, plan fun things to do that are nearby and try to have a vacation without the stress and expense of a real vacation.

I love vacations.  I even love vacations with kiddos but not so much with an 18 month old kiddo.  I had this same feeling last summer when Harry was 6 months old.  We did a Oklahoma Staycation then and it worked out great.  Let’s do it again!

Day 1 of our Oklahoma Staycation was spent close to home.  Dear Husband wanted to mow the lawn and get some household errands done.  I took the boys to the library to stock up on bedtime books for the week.  After that we spent a couple of hours at the “dinosaur museum”.  We got home just in time for Harry’s nap.

oklahoma staycation

Oklahoma staycationDa! Da dada da da. Dis dis da dis. Gla la gla da! Translation: Look Mama, a giant dragon fly!

Oklahoma staycationWorkin’ those fine motor skills.

Oklahoma staycation

Oklahoma staycation

The afternoon was spent being lazy with just a little bit of house cleaning thrown in.  Just a little bit.

We had dinner out then made a quick trip to the store for groceries.  We headed home to get our swim suits on (Addison already had his on in anticipation for the evening activities) so we could hit the Earlywine Aquatic Center in Moore.  This was a first for all of us so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Oklahoma staycation

This pic doesn’t do justice to the mass of people crammed into this pool.  Oh, the humanity.  Warning: swim at your own risk.  There were not enough life guards on duty for the size of the pool and number of people.

I was pretty impressed with the size of the pool and the slides.  The yellow and blue one reminded me of a toilet bowl.  You get on an inner tube and zip down a tunnel into a big bowl where you swirl around and around and flush down another tube that leads to a pool at the end.  Addison was pretty excited when he saw all the slides.

Oklahoma staycation

You think this kid is just a little bit excited?  Maybe just a tad.  I promise I feed him.

Oklahoma staycation

It was about 107 degrees out (no joke).  Thankfully there were lots of oversized umbrellas for shade and plenty of deck chairs for lounging.  Although we didn’t get much lounging done.

Oklahoma staycation

After 6:00 p.m. the price drops to $3 a person.  I was able to get Harry in for free although after I convinced the girl that they shouldn’t charge for 1 year olds I saw a sign that read “Admission price for everyone, regardless of age or whether or not they play in the pool” HA! I beat the system!

I didn’t get to do the toilet bowl slide.  Once was enough for Addison and I couldn’t convince him to go again with me.

An hour and a half was just enough swimming to get everyone good and tired for bed.  But not before taking a bath to wash the public pool water off my precious baby’s skin.

Staycation Day 2

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