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So this happened today…

rise and shine

I was asked by a PR company to plug some products on a local morning talk show Rise & Shine.  All of the products I talked about were for battling cold and flu season which was perfect timing because I really do have a cold right now.  I got to keep this kick ass humidifier for promoting it on the show.  Sweet.  4 years of blogging are finally paying off…in the way of high tech humidifiers, I’ll take it.


I’m kinda excited that I got to do this segment on Rise & Shine ever since the other show I was on, Oklahoma LIVE, was canceled.  So, if you are in Oklahoma and just so happen to watch Rise & Shine maybe you could do me a solid and tell them how much you absolutely loved seeing me on the show and can’t wait to see what else I can bring to talk about.

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    • Stephanie Clinton

      Thanks! No link yet. Hopefully I’ll have one next week. My husband is totally excited about the humidifier. Ha! The things that make us happy after 40.

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