West Texas Engagement Party

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The weekend after Thanksgiving Dear Husband and I loaded up the kids and headed to West Texas to visit my parents.  That night we crashed an engagement party for a couple that we didn’t know.  The groom’s grandmother is a family friend and neighbors with my parents.  I introduced myself to the happy couple and the groom told me that he remembers coming to my wedding with his grandmother, that it was really beautiful and that he was just a little kid.  Ouch.  Are they serving Metamucil at this shindig because all of a sudden I’m feeling really geriatric.

But I’m not here to tell you how out dated I feel.  I’m here to tell you how much I loved the setting and decor of this engagement party.


Yup, it was in a barn.  But the family who owns the barn transformed it into a winter wonderland for the bride to be.  This party could have been in Country Living.







Making a barn all fancy with antlers and a chandelier.  Cuz’ that’s how we roll in West Texas.

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    Thanks Stephanie ! Love your pics!!

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