Oklahoma/Texas weekend recap

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Last weekend was OU/TX.  Dear Husband was able to score two tickets (ahem, pay big bucks for them), my mom came to baby sit and we were off for a whirlwind 32 hour trip.

Dear Husband had to drive to Dallas on Thursday for work reasons.  I hitched a ride on Friday morning with my in-laws and their friends.  We stopped half way at Robertson’s for a sausage biscuit and ran into friends on their way to Dallas.  I love that in some remote location in southern Oklahoma we run into friends who we see everyday.  But when you see them at Robertson’s it’s like you haven’t seen them in years.  Hugs, kisses and Boomer Sooners all around.

They dropped me off at our hotel where I thought I would get to spend a relaxing afternoon watching HBO.  I did get to watch some HBO until one of Dear Husband’s co-workers called to say they just passed his car in the parking lot and his window was busted.  Sure enough.  I went down to check on it and there was shattered glass all over the driver’s seat.  Wonder Woman to the rescue.  Dear Husband couldn’t be bothered with this as he had a huge work event about to go down in 30 minutes that he was responsible for.  The football gods were smiling on me that afternoon.  Through our insurance company I was able to find a glass place that was still open, could get me in right away and had it fixed in 45 minutes.  I was able to make it back to the hotel, fix myself up and make it to Dear Husband’s event in a killer dress with out a feather ruffled.  Go me!

The kick off was for 11:00 on Saturday morning.  Here’s the thing with 11:00 kick off.  Everybody and their dog is trying to find parking and get into the fair at exactly the same time.  There’s no time to enjoy the Texas State Fair in all of it’s fried goodness. Who can enjoy hot wings, nachos and fried beer at 9 in the morning?  Not me, that’s who.

Instead I opt for funnel cake.  9:30 a.m. and I’m eating funnel cake.  I tell myself that it’s really no different than a donut and it’s second breakfast.

Oh, the humanity.

Hey look, It’s ESPN College Game Day!

It’s never to crowded for Instagram.

On to the game…

4th Quarter OU fans…looking good!

4th Quarter Texas fans…Pooooooooooor Texas!

It was a Crimson and Cream kinda day.

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