Glad to be home

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We’re on our way home from a mini Memorial Day vacation. Posts and pictures of the fun times coming soon. But for now a quick word on how good it feels to pull into the driveway after a road trip. Also- I’m using the wordpress app to write this from my phone. It’s a little bit of an experiment.

When DH and I lived in Los Angeles we did a lot of traveling. Each place we went I wanted to move there. One time we visited Ojai, CA and I was ready to drop everything, become a hippy and live in a yurt.

We took two trips to Boston. I fell in love with the history and beautiful brownstones. I didn’t see why we couldn’t move to the east coast, ride the metro to work and eat chowda for lunch.

On one of those Boston trips we also visited New Hampshire. Can you say “on golden pond”? That was the life for me.

Once we went to Utah. I wanted to move there just because everyone is so friggin’ nice.

In 2007 we really did leave it all behind and moved to OK. LA was fun and we had great friends but it never felt permanent. We have been on vacations since then and never once have I wished we could move. Norman is home and there is no place I would rather be. That feels really good.

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