Boys on the Beach

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Labor Day weekend was also my mom’s birthday.  Happy birthday mom!  This year my mom, my dad and I took the boys to Galveston Island, TX for her b-day weekend.  We stayed at the same beach house from our girls weekend adventure in May.

The traffic along the sea wall was crazy busy because of the holiday weekend.  The house we rented was much farther east so we didn’t have to mess w/ crowds when it came to playing in the surf.  However, driving anywhere took about twice as long as it normally would.  Oh well, I guess that’s part of beach life on a holiday.

The water may not be crystal clear but it’s warm and Addison had a blast.  Harry could have spent all day moving sand from one pile to the other and back again.

Scroll down for LOTS of photos on the beach and this isn’t even half of what I took.  Photos from the aquarium coming soon.

The End.

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  1. Cathy Bacon

    Stephanie I loved all the pictures from Galveston! My mom had the best time of anyone. Your boys are so precious. Can’t wait to be able to take Gus to the beach. Love. Cathy

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