Oklahoma – Let’s override the Veto

Hey Oklahoma, you may be wondering why your FB feed is blowing up with people upset about some “veto”. 

Here it is in a nutshell: 

“Gov. Fallin vetoed a bill that was passed in both chambers that would have returned some local control to parents and schools regarding retention of third graders. The bill loosened the terms of the Reading Sufficiency Act to allow a team consisting of teachers, the principal, a reading specialist and a parent to decide whether or not a student would be promoted to fourth grade. That’s sensible.

Gov. Fallin vetoed it. Logic implosion.”
(Betty Casey, tulsakids.com)

It’s not too late to fix this mess.  Here’s what we need to do.  Email or Call your Representatives – RIGHT NOW.  Start with Speaker of the House, Speaker Hickman, (405) 557-7339.

Not sure what to say?  Here is a script.  It will really help so you won’t get flustered and sound like an idiot.  Trust me.  I know all about sounding like an idiot on the phone.

Override the veto script:

Hi, this is (your name).  I live in (your town) Oklahoma.  I’m calling to urge your to override the veto of House Bill 2625.  I am a concerned (mother, father, educator, business owner, etc.) and I am shocked that the Governor vetoed this bill.  I agree that our kids need to be proficient readers in order to succeed in school.  However, this veto would strip the ability of our educators, reading specialists and parents to determine if a child truly needs to be held back or would benefit from additional help in order to move on.  Don’t allow a single test to determine the future of our kids.  Please give some of the power back to our educators and parents who know what is best for their students and children.  Please override House Bill 2625.  Thank you.

More than likely you will get a voicemail or their assistant.  Either way, leave this message and leave a call back number to show that your are serious.  Stay calm, don’t ramble, try not to get overly excited or angry.  

Go, go now and call.  Call like the wind.  Please.


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  1. Mari

    Just contacted my representative–and I’m absolutely gobsmacked by this veto. What a horrific example of leadership our state’s governor has provided!

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