Mini Vacay – Galveston Island, TX

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Last weekend my mom and I had a little “girls only” trip with my aunt (her sister) and my cousin.  My aunt and cousin live in Houston so we thought Galveston Island was an easy get-away for all of us.

I’ve never thought much about Galveston because it doesn’t have the pristine beaches of the Florida panhandle.  Instead of white sand the consistency of sugar and clear blue water, Galveston seemed like the ugly step sister of beach vacations with its brown sand and muddy waters.  We chose it for its convenience and knew that we wouldn’t be bowled over.  We were pleasantly surprised.  The beaches weren’t white and crystal clear but they were clean and the water was warm.  Galveston is a quaint little town with a rich history and the most amazing historic homes I’ve ever seen.  The shopping scratched our itch and we were never disappointed at lunch and dinner time.

We rented a beach house on the west end of the island and immediately patted ourselves on the back for our wise decision.  The house was cute, comfortable and about 100 yards from the beach.  As we drove back and forth from our beach house to the main attractions we all pitied the fools who stayed in the hotels along the sea wall.  No cozy living room, spacious deck, hammock or breakfast nook for them.  Plus they had to cross a very busy street to get to the beach.  Non of that mayhem for us…just a leisurely morning with our coffee on the deck overlooking the gulf and late nights playing cards and sipping wine.  Plus, when you divide the cost of renting a beach house 4 ways it turned out much more economical than staying in a hotel.

My mom (Kathryn), cousin Mary Ann, aunt Brenda (aka Nanny)

If you’ve ever wondered what Cajun feet look like…here you go.  Although, I won’t say who these belong to.

More to come…historic Galveston.

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  1. Bridget Todd

    I know who the feet belong to!!! I love the beach house… so lovely.

  2. island traveler

    Galveston has it’s own unforgettable charms that keeps you going back for more. We go there all year round but Summer is the most fun of all. Great post.

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