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cute dog

Last week we adopted a dog from the local shelter.

cute dog

It all started a few weeks ago when a friend posted a picture of a dog who needed a home.  The owner died unexpectedly and they were looking for homes for her dogs.  I had Dear Husband on board and were all set to go meet her.  We were thiiiiiiis close when a family member stepped in and decided to take the dog.

However, since that door had been opened I decided to keep trying.  I checked the website of the shelter and saw a cute little guy that spoke to me.  I went to visit him by myself and he was great. He didn’t make a peep while all the other dogs when nuts.  Later that day I brought Addison and Harry to meet him and it was love.  Dear Husband received a phone call he wasn’t expecting.  After a long conversation with me reassuring Dear Husband that this was the dog for us and that they boys loved him and that if we don’t adopt him today then we run the risk of someone else coming along and snatching him up…we went home with a new pet.

So far so good.  Besides a little bout of doggie diarrhea, a visit to the vet for IBS pills and $200 worth of pet store gear, things have been great.  We have discovered that he loves Lincoln Logs and all the tiny toys scattered around the house.  He loves to go for a ride and I realized yesterday that I need to keep Fabreeze in the car.  Thankfully, he doesn’t shed so I hit the jackpot there.  He needs some basic training on how to not run out the door when we open it, not get tangled up in the leash when we walk and learn to go to the crate when it’s time for us to leave.

Dog in a car seat

boy and his dog

cute dog

It’s been many years since I’ve had a dog.  Doggie advice is welcome.

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  1. Judy Cain

    I’m happy for all of you, Stephanie!! The photos of him are adorable. I can only imagine the fun he and the boys will have with each other. Any idea as to what breed, or the dominant breed? He is beautiful. Congratulations on the new addition!!

  2. Chris Carter

    AW!!!! He looks sooooo adorable!!!! I don’t really even like dogs… but THAT one? I would take home in a fast minute! Good luck and God speed… 😉

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