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My mom’s birthday was September 1st.  It was a “milestone” birthday so my dad suggested we throw her a surprise party.  I was happy to do it (since he was going to pay for it and good thing too b/c the cake wasn’t cheap) even though we live in different states.  The party turned out really well and she was very surprised.  However, the most frustrating thing about the entire experience was planning a party on Labor Day weekend.  My guest turn out was not what I hoped it would be but what are you gonna do.  When it was all said and done she was happy, I stopped grumbling about who couldn’t come and it was a beautiful weekend.

I have mentioned before that my mom has quite a green thumb.  Early September is still the heat of summer and the plants are doing their thing with gusto.  My parents have a green house to house the plants that normally wouldn’t make it through the wind and snow of the Texas panhandle.  One plant has taken up permanent residence in the green house.  The Night Blooming Serous is a tropical plant that ONLY blooms at night and not very often at that.  Sunday night around midnight my mom does the not-so-quiet-whisper whisper in our room to see if I’m awake.  “Pssst, are you awake? The Night Blooming Serous is blooming”  I’m awake now.

Yikes.  It’s kinda gangly and scary looking at midnight.  The unopened blooms look like they might be carnivorous in a “Feed me, Semore” kind of way.  However, the opened blooms are strange and spectacular.  The fact that they only come out at night and very seldom make them even more mysterious.

Makes me think of Georgia O’Keffee

The Passion Vine was also blooming

This is a most strange plant.  It’s called a Stapelia.  My mom’s gardener friend who gave her the plant calls it a cactus flower.  The most unusual thing about this plant is that when it blooms it has a strong, horrible odour.  I read a garden blogger describe it as a “dog shit/rotten flesh” kinda smell.  Well, isn’t that lovely.  It must be some sort of defense mechanism to keep flower eating animals and insects away.

It wasn’t blooming when I was there.  My mom sent me this pic via text.  She recently got an iPhone and is learning how to text.  God help us all.

What a lovely trio…My mom, her sister and her life-long friend.  They came from Houston to surprise her and it was a treat for all of us.  It’s such a joy and a pleasure to spent time with a wise older woman who has all of her faculties.  My life is filled with tiny people and the messes they make, PTA, volunteer for this and that, hurry up I’m going to be late…it’s important to slow down and live at the pace of a 90 year old now and then.  A lot of wisdom can be gleaned if you are willing to listen.

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