How NOT to set up a Passion Planner

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How NOT to set up an Undated Passion Planner

Around this time every year my quest for the next year’s planner begins. I’m determined to find the perfect planner. One that has just the right layout, the right paper, the right cover, the right size. Finding the perfect planner is a bit like Goldie Locks looking for a place to lay her head.

After much deliberation and YouTube watching, I settled on the undated Passion Planner. The feature I like most about it is the vertical layout and the order everything comes in. Whether or not I follow through on the Passion Planner’s road map to my perfect life remains to be seen.

Undated Passion Planner walk through

After making this video I thought to myself…That wasn’t so hard. Maybe I could become one of those people who posts videos about their planner journey. I could share how I write in the dates, how I come up with a passion road map, how I decorate my weekly spreads, how I use my planner. Suddenly, I was a planner YouTube influencer (in my own head).

So off I went to record myself filling out the months while talking about my process.

It was a disaster.

After six failed video attempts and a disastrous January spread; I gave up. Everything quickly went downhill when I accidentally started January 1 on the wrong day and attempted to cover the wrong dates with a paint pen. Only to discover that paint pens bleed through the paper so I covered the splotches with washi tape. Yet I still wrote in the wrong dates the second time around because I can’t talk to a camera and count to 31 at the same time. Then I tried to record a video of the remaining months thinking I’ll just keep it real and let the people know how I messed up January so badly. Whilst videoing that process, someone walked into the room to talk to me. Instead of pausing what I was doing, I continued writing the days of the month while talking to said interrupter and answering their questions. If there ever was a question before if I could write out 1 to 31 while talking to someone without missing a number; the mystery has been solved. I can not multitask when numbers are involved.

Alas, there will be no watch-me-fill-out-the-months-in-my-planner-while-I-talk-to-the-viewer video.

I set aside the project for a few days so I could get over the disappointment of messing up January so badly. I decided to do what I do best and just write about the process lest anyone make the same mistakes I did.

Here are four ways how NOT to set up an undated planner.

One. Whatever month you start on, make sure you start in the right year. Like a dum dum I went to January, 2023 and started filling in dates like it was my job. I didn’t realize my mistake until the entire month was filled out. Thank goodness I looked at February, 2024 to make sure I was on the right track.

Two. When covering up your mistakes don’t use a paint pen. No matter how much other YouTubers say the Passion Planner paper is SO thick and pens won’t bleed through. Paint pen will, indeed, bleed through the Passion Planner paper. You will have a reminder for all of January what a rookie mistake you made. Just use correction tape like everyone else.

Three. Don’t try and film yourself setting up your undated Passion Planner. If you are at all a little worried that it may go wrong, go with your gut and just wait to film something that won’t make you feel like such an amateur. No matter how cute and witty you think you are. Just fill out the first few months without the distraction of trying to become a YouTube influencer.

Four. When someone interrupts you, stop what you are doing. I thought that I could continue to write out 1 to 31 while still talking to someone. It doesn’t sound that hard. Right? We’ve all been able to count to 31 since Kindergarten. Surely I could do it without having to really think about it. Wrong. I was distracted just enough to skip one number and not realize until the entire month was filled out. At least by this time I knew about rule number two.

undated passion planner

undated passion planner

undated passion planner

There you have my four rules of how not to fill out an undated Passion Planner. Hopefully learning from my mistakes will keep someone from treading the same bumpy road I did.



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