The Life Update

Last night Dear Husband and I sat down after the kids went to bed, looked at each other, and said I think this is the first time I’ve sat down since Thanksgiving.  Seriously folks, it has been crazy up in here.  Crazy enough for me to use the term cray-cray.  When I have to bust out the urban dictionary you know shit has been real.

So what has been going on?  Glad you asked, I’ll tell you.

Way back at the beginning of December I was the chair (as in “do what I say or I could snap”) of my Assistance League chapter’s biggest fund-raiser. It’s a hoity-toity event where we raise a lot of money that keeps our organization (which is all volunteer by the way) running.  We give 1600 kids in the public school system brand new clothes, provide care kits for assault victims, give stuffed animals to children being taken out of abusive/traumatic situations and put on a huge outdoor art fest for the community.

rent the runway

My friend on the left got her dress from Rent The Runway.  Don’t you love it? I’m totally doing that next year.

After that event was over (and I continued to put out fires) the holidays were in full swing and we all know what that is like.  90 to nothin’ all the way to Christmas.  But the fun doesn’t stop there.  December and January is birthday season for our family.  Between myself, Harry, Dear Husband’s side of the family and my dad (oh, and don’t forget baby Jesus) ; we have 7 birthdays to celebrate.

vintage pearl necklace

Dear Husband give me this necklace from The Vintage Pearl for my birthday.  It’s just so perfect. The secret message on the inside says it all.


teen titans cupcakes

My sweet Harry turned 5.  waaaaaaaaaaa! How and when did this happen? I don’t remember saying he could turn 5 and get taller.  

He insisted on Teen Titans Go! cupcakes.  Do you know of Teen Titans Go! on the Cartoon Network?  It’s pretty awesome, I must admit.  Well, there is not a grocery store or affordable bakery within state lines that can whip out a Teen Titans Go cake like they can a Micky Mouse cake or Dora or Batman.  Something about licensing.  Whatever.  Thank goodness for Etsy because I was able to download sheets of the characters, take it to Kinkos to make color copies then cut them out and stick them in cupcakes.  Mom of the year, right here.

Two weeks ago we went skiing with another family in Wolf Creek, CO.  The big boys spent two days skiing while the other mommy and I and the little kids sat around reading books and playing in the snow.  And we went dog sledding! (More on that later) Dear Husband and I are both really happy that Addison has found a physical activity that he actually enjoys and is good at.  He’s not one for team sports so snow skiing has been a huge confidence boost for him.  Too bad we only get to go once a year.

father and son skiing

snow man

wolf creek rental

Pagosa Dog Sled

wolf creek skiing


Two days after we returned from Colorado we went to visit my parents in Texas for my Dad’s birthday.  He is 69 this year.  I heard Harry ask him where all of his hair went.



I keep thinking that life will slow down and return to normal.  I’m beginning to realize that my “normal” is 20 miles over the speed limit.  That’s okay, life is busy because I’ve made it that way.    



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  1. ShaRhonda

    Only 20? I am so glad to hear it from someone else. That necklace is just precious. Toot is totally the correct word. Cannot stand the “F” word. Miss K has said both of the “F” words in the past month. She turns 8 in a few days…help me Lord.
    ShaRhonda recently posted…My Memory of YouMy Profile

    • Stephanie Clinton

      Ha! Well, I recently got pulled over for doing 15 over the limit so I figured 20 over the limit was a lot.

  2. Chris Carter

    That sounds EXCEPTIONALLY BUSY!!! Oh, do I know those seasons!! I love love love all the BEAUTIFUL things you are enjoying and experiencing with your precious family!!!

    That locket? OHMYGOSH. “I tooted”??? LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Hilarious. Totally hilarious. We call them toots too! 😉
    Chris Carter recently posted…Dear New Mom…My Profile

    • Stephanie Clinton

      I knew you would love that necklace! I love it so much and Harry constantly wants to look at it and then tell me he just tooted.

  3. Liz

    You have been busy! Renting the fancy dresses is a great idea…I need to remember that…I am giving away so many dresses right now as I start my spring cleaning.

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