Happy Anniversary

14 years ago today I was surrounded by my girlfriends, laughing and talking about whatever 20-somethings talk about.

Today I’m surrounded by little boys who like to back up against me and fart.  

Happy Anniversary

14 years ago today I was wearing duchess satin Vera Wang dress.  It was stunning.

Today I’m wrapped in a fuzzy white robe that is a little threadbare and most of my wardrobe comes from Target.



Happy Anniversary

14 years ago today I was having my makeup and hair done for me.

Today I call it a win if I make it out of the house with mascara on and get to blow dry my hair.

14 years ago today I was buckling up my Kenneth Cole Exclusive Wedding Line shoes.

Today I’m thrilled with a new pair of Toms.

Happy Anniversary

14 years ago today I was basking in the sounds of guitar and flute trio playing music from my favorite movies.

Today I have the theme songs to Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger, Teen Titans Go and Breadwinners memorized.

Happy Anniversary

14 years ago today I was dancing the night away with my friends and new husband.

Today I’m rocking it out to Lego Movie soundtrack and trying to impress kids with my sweet moves.

14 years ago I was surrounded by 300 family and friends who were cheering us on to a new life.

Today (by today I mean any given Saturday in the fall)I get to be surrounded by 85,000 people cheering for something a little different.

Happy Anniversary

14 years ago I thought I was in love and marrying the man of my dreams.

Today I realize that I knew nothing about how much in love I could be.  

14 years ago I had no idea that watching my husband play with our kids would melt my heart.  

Happy Anniversary

I had no idea that he would exceed my expectations as a husband, father, friend, confidant, and all that other mushy stuff.  14 years and still going strong.

Happy Anniversary



5 Responses

  1. Megan Sherrer

    Well said…life sure is different since 14 years ago, but you are perfect and perfect together! happy happy anniversary!

  2. Terry Barrett

    Those 300 family and friends (I’m sorta both) still love you. Wonderful read! Happy anniversary to both of you guys.

  3. Jamie

    Happy Anniversary! I LOVED the part about the boys that like to back up against you and fart. I can TOTALLY relate!!

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