Costa Rica Volcano

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Who knew a volcano could be freezing.  When you’re at 11,000 ft. elevation and biting wind, it can.

Our last day in Costa Rica we went to a volcano and then did some shopping at a street market in San Jose.  The volcano was really unusual and beautiful in a surface-of-the-moon sort of way but was bitterly cold.

On the way down from the volcano was stopped on the side of the road for a sack lunch.  We had a beautiful view of the valley below and an abandoned insane asylum.  We were told that the asylum has become a tourist attraction b/c of the horrible conditions the people were kept in many years ago.  It is also supposedly haunted.  I dare you to spend the night in that place and not run home crying like a little girl.

In San Jose we found toys for the boys and souvenirs for us.  I impressed one vendor with my knowledge of the names of animals in Spanish.  Thank you Dora, thank you.

Costa Rica Volcano

Costa Rica Volcano







Costa Rica market

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  1. Megan Sherrer

    You’re just great, Stephanie. Love your thoughts!!!

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  2. Chris Carter

    Just love hearing about your trip Stephanie!! Love the pictures too! Dora is starting to fade in my mind now… there is hope for you too! lol

  3. timethief

    I liked reading about your adventure. I had no idea it would be so cold but the elevation sure puts that in perspective. That huge plant your are standing next to in the photo looks like a Gunneria or maybe a huge rhubarb plant.

    • Hugs, Kisses and Snot

      Thanks for reading!
      I didn’t ask what type of plant it was but it was much more tough and leathery than I would have thought. It looked like something you would find at Jurassic Park!

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