Bubbling Slime Recipe

Recently I had the need to discover the perfect slime recipe (more on that next week).  I needed something that would make a big mess.  Slime made with Borax and glue is to clumpy.  I needed something worthy of Nickelodeon … Continued

An Open Letter To Moms Sending Their Kid to School For The First Time

Dear Overly Excited Mom With A Child About To Enter Public School For The First Time –  This is an exciting time.  You and your precious child are about to take the leap into the unknown…public education.  Since you’re a … Continued

Back to School Essentials Giveaway

I’m excited to announce that I’m going to have a regular, monthly segment on Oklahoma LIVE.  I’ve tricked them into thinking I know what I’m talking about when it comes to parenting and all the fun stuff you can get … Continued

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