How to recruit younger women to your volunteer organization

This post could also be called “How in the world did you get all of those young moms to join a volunteer organization?!” (look how cute we are…learning at Assistance League National Conference) Two weeks ago I attended the Assistance … Continued

Talking to Your Kids About Sex – Hugs, Kisses and Friends Chat Show

Yes, you read that right.  I’m entering the phase of parenting where we are talking to your kids about sex is a real thing.  No longer is it off in the horizon where I don’t really need to think about … Continued

Chat Show: Oklahoma Women Bloggers

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It’s another chat show!  Last time on Hugs, Kisses and Friends, Mari and I talked a lot about blogging in general. This time we are talking about something specific: connection.   Making connections in the online world is really important. … Continued

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