Burlap and Yarn Fall Wreath

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 burlap and yarn fall wreath

This wreath was an experiment in what can I make with out having to go back to the craft store.  It’s been a while since I’ve made a wreath so I decided to see what I could come up with.  I knew I wanted a purple wreath for fall but I didn’t have very much purple yarn left.  A little digging in my craft basket and I found some burlap ribbon.  Turns out I didn’t have enough of either of those to cover a wreath.  A little more digging in my box of fabric scraps and I found the perfect fabric to go on my purple wreath.  

The two things that I did have to buy at the craft store was the wreath and the wooden letter c. But I bought those things a week ago…long before I decided what the color theme for the wreath would be thus leading to the patchwork quality.

The end result was this burlap and yarn fall wreath.

burlap and yarn fall wreath


Fall is my favorite time of year for decorating, fashion, food, weather.  I just love all of it and everything about it.  That being said I heard a rumor that Aldi had pumpkins for less than $3.  I’ll take three please, and a bunch of the little one for .99 thankyouverymuch.  This was my first trip to Aldi.  Did you know that you have to insert a quarter to get the shopping carts apart from each other?  And you have to bring your own bags or they charge you.  The quarter thing took me a while to figure out, but I applaud them on the shopping bag thing.

burlap and fall yarn wreath



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  1. Kathryn Green

    Oh, I love this!!!! You are so clever and thrifty. Dad says the solution to the cancellation of Oklahoma Live is to start your own TV live show. Use those tapes from Oklahoma Live for your audition to the other channels in OKC. Yea, you can do this. Love you, MOM and DAD

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