Argyle Yarn Wreath

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Mid winter is a difficult time for wreaths.  There’s not really a major holiday to decorate for (I don’t usually decorate for Valentine’s Day, it just comes and goes too quickly) and the bleak weather doesn’t really put you in the mood for fun decor.  This Argyle Yarn Wreath is just the thing I need to chase the bleak mid-winter blues away.


14 inch straw wreath (leave plastic on)
yarn (one 3 oz. skein or 145 yards is the perfect size for a 14 inch wreath)
2-3 yards of yarn in a contrasting color
card stock
hot glue

After the wreath is wrapped we need a template for the argyle diamonds.  I messed around with some different sizes just so you won’t have to.  The diamond I came up with has a vertical length of 4 inches and a horizontal length of 3.5 inches.  Cut the diamond out of card stock to use as a template when cutting out the felt.  I cut out 10 felt diamonds; 5 light purple and 5 dark purple.  They don’t exactly match up all the way around the wreath but that’s not a problem because the place where they don’t come together will be covered up.

Place the diamonds on the wreath and position them before hot gluing them.  Once they are hot glued on wrap the wreath with the contrasting yarn.  Wrap all the way around in one direction so that the yarn crosses the diamond on the straight edge then go back the other direction to make an X over the yarn that was just wrapped.  Clear as mud?  Good.

Now it’s time for a cute little embellishment.  The squares in this jobber (I don’t know what else to call it.  If you think of a real name please let me know) are 2×2 and hot glued one on top of another.

For a tutorial on how to make the pom pom then see my Fall Yarn Wreath.  Glue the square-spiral thingy on the wreath (covering up the place where the argyle diamonds don’t match up) then glue the pom pom on top of that and you’re done!

If I could work uninterrupted this would have taken less than an hour.  In reality it took me about 3 weeks.  Life happens.

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