Five Minute Friday: Need

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This week’s Five Minute Friday writing prompt is NEED. What do I need vs what do I want. Oi, that’s a loaded question. Let’s spend five short minutes breaking that down a bit.

Five minutes on the timmer…GO

What do any of us need to survive? Water, food, and shelter.

Does that food have to be delicious? No, but life is more interesting if it is. Does my shelter need to be four bedrooms and a super cool play room? No. Not at all. But everyday life is beautiful and comfortable if I can appreciate what I have and keep it clean. No matter the size or price.

There is one other essential element I think everyone needs not only to survive but to thrive. 

Love and human connection.

Sure, I guess if I were the last person on earth I could survive without human connection. But I would still know that I have the love of God and the knowledge that I am God’s and God is mine. I guess technically, without that knowledge, I could still survive but I would imagine existence would be bleak. Eventually, without that love, it would be difficult to find purpose in living. This, of course, is assuming I’m the last human on earth.

But I’m not the last human on earth. Far from it. So what do I need? 

Do I need new dining chairs? No. Do I want them? Yes. Do I deserve them? No.

Do I need a new mattress? No. Do I want it? Yes.

Do I need the love of my husband and children? 

Technically, no. But I desire it.

Do I need to give my love and attention to them? Yes, if I want a healthy relationship with them.

Do I need the love of my creator and to feel connected to something larger than myself?

Yes. End of story.


Why do I need that connection? Why do any of us need that? Five minutes is far too short to unpack that mystery.


What do you need?

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  1. Jolene

    Yes, it is such a good practice to think about what we truly need. I am stopping by from Five Minute Friday.

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