Why I’ve been absent and other thoughts on blogging

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Eisenhower jog a thon

All 6 of you who are regular readers may have noticed a lack of regular new posts.  Or you may have not noticed anything out of the ordinary.  In any case, I’ve been quite busy these past few months and have not been able to keep up the blogging schedule I would like.

The deal is I was the chair of our school’s jog-a-thon this month.  You veteran PTA moms may roll your eyes and say you have that down pat and make $100,000 with little effort.  Well, this was our first ever jog-a-thon and it was all on me and my crew to pull it off.  Add to that our PTA budget seems to be held in the balance on how well we do.  No pressure there.  (Hear my sarcasm?)  Because I was in charge and this was our very first one I felt the need to make sure it went really well.  Thankfully it did and the kids had a blast.  Unfortunately it’s not quite over.  The kids still have to turn in their pledges and donations.  I could pull off a kick ass jog-a-thon but if the kids don’t come through with the money then we are back to square one.  I won’t be ready to relax with a glass of wine until next week.

I got myself into this situation sometime last year when I complained loud enough at a PTA meeting about cookie dough fundraisers.  I love cookie dough just as much as the next gal but when I need my fix I will grab a log of Pillsbury and go to town.  I don’t want to buy some over priced dough that is shelf stable.  SHELF STABLE.  That is just wrong.  No, I will not eat something that is supposed to have raw eggs in it that sits on the pantry self for up to 6 months.  Not to mention it’s usually the parents pushing the crap on their co-workers instead of kids doing the leg work.

So the past few months, and especially weeks, I have ate, slept, breathed and dreamed jog-a-thon.  It has left little room for much else.

I’ve missed posting my silly thoughts, recipes and antics here.  I’ve missed catching up with the other bloggers that I follow and I’ve missed the online connection.  Being forced to slow down my online presence has made me realize how much a part of my life it is.  Even if I’m not a blogging superstar I still really love it and it brings me satisfaction.  The phrase “Do what you love” just popped into my head.  Well, right now I still really love this little blog.

Another unintended outcome of not being online as often as I would like was that I think I’m beginning to win my battle with stat/number addiction.  Bloggers all agree that one of the hardest things about blogging is to not be obsessed with how many views you get per day.  But this past couple of months I just haven’t had the time or energy to devote to obsessing over it.  Yup, my numbers are crap but I don’t really care right now.  That coupled with my growing distaste for Facebook and I’m leaning toward going on a stats diet.  In other words, stop obsessing over how many (or few) views my blog has per day…and this time I really mean it.

I’ve probably said this before but I’ll say it again.  If you’re here and stick around then ‘thank you’!  I truly appreciate my readers and commenters.  If nobody ever reads this but my mom and Dear Husband well I guess that’s okay too.  As long as it makes me happy I promise to keep writing from the heart.

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  1. Chris Carter

    I’m HERE I’m HERE!!!!! I love love love you and I will NEVER ever NOT want to read you!!! Can I come over and have that glass of wine with you and talk all night about depressing blog stats and perhaps other things that knock our socks off? Oh wait, I have a glass RIGHT here so I can hop over now, I have plenty!!!

    So glad you have quit the stats addiction! I only check it once in a while, for some reason comments are my main temptation. Oy.
    You are simply the BEST, my friend. Always with you… 🙂

  2. Sabine of Suburbia

    I haven’t been blogging as much either. (Not the only reason, but we had a jog-a-thon too followed by conferences followed by reading at school, field trips, etc. I thought we were supposed to be less busy when kids start school?) I have to say the not worrying about stats was a nice side effect.

  3. Judy Cain

    My two cents…Stephanie, you are a mom and wife FIRST. Anything else comes after those two things (except God, of course). You should never apologize for doing what a responsible parent does for her children and the betterment of their school. How many more children would be so fortunate to have a parent put that role and them before herself?! A LOT!!! So, we will read your blog posts when they are posted, and be grateful to hear from your side of the fence. Worry less…

  4. The Park WifeT

    I have been blogging a LONG time and trust me, it will go in cycles. Sometimes you will be focused on posting a lot and then other times Jog-a-thons and other things will be happening that take center stage. REMEMBER: you can not blog about life if you are not out there living it. Now, as far as stats, I rarely look at them, usually when someone asks for them. I am much more interested in creating community and truly embracing the women who I meet in the blog world.

  5. crazytraintotinkytown

    Blogging takes a back seat for everyone at some time because of other priorities. I only post once or twice a week now because of other commitments don’t feel bad; once we feel we become more concerned with stats & deadlines its no longer an enjoyable hobby. The beauty of blogging is it will still be here when you’re ready

    • Hugs, Kisses and Snot

      I guess you could say that blogging is like a faithful dog. It’s always there waiting for you no matter how much you ignore it. Whereas readers are more like cats. If you ignore them too long they will move on and find someone else to rub their belly. 😉

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