Who’s the prettiest baby

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Before I had kids I would look at a baby and either think “oh, how cute” or “oh, what a shame”.  Then I had my first born in 2004.  When I saw other babies both thoughts would run through my head but it was always followed by “but not as cute as my baby”.  I started reading parenting magazines and checking out their respective websites (as all good first time moms should do).  These sites would always have a place to submit a photo of your baby for a chance to be that month’s cutest baby.  No cash prize or award was given.  Just the satisfaction of seeing that sweet little toothless grin that you adore on the site. Of course I submitted a pic of my precious son and was stunned when a month went by and he was not selected from the tens of thousands of babies photos.  I browsed the other pics to see what we were up against and would come across some really cute ones and some not so cute ones and some really awful ones.  I began to realize…every parent thinks their baby is the cutest baby on the face of the earth and all others pale in comparison.

Parents – you have every right to believe that your child would win Mr./Miss Beautiful Baby of the Universe contest. Just know that you don’t have the cutest kids…I do.

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