Toy Review – Wooden Blocks and Marbles

Mid June and the “I’m bored” syndrome has already set in.  It’s time to pull out toys that have been forgotten about.  At one point in time building marble runs was what it was all about at our house.  We have made them out of plastic, wood, paper, hot wheels tracks, legos, we even have the expensive Quadrilla set.  But that fell by the wayside when Legos Star Wars took the main stage.  Today it was time to pull out an oldie but goodie.  Blocks & Marbles Super Set. (Click HERE to purchase Wooden Blocks and Marbles set)

It’s a simple design, easy to set up yet the construction possibilities are endless.  Addison had such lofty ambitions for this design that a few alphabet block reinforcements had to be called in.

Creativity, construction, building, problem solving and knocking down.  Little boys and mommy agree…this is a great toy.

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