Fat little feet

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Little Prince Harry has little fat feet. I’m not sure what to do with these little fat feet because I can’t find shoes that will fit. They are pretty wide but that’s not the main problem. They are wide/fat from top to bottom. If they were just regular wide feet I would buy shoes that come in extra wide sizes. The only shoes that go on with ease are Robeez but we’re coming up on summer and I need something that’s more suited to outdoor play.

Here are Harry’s little piggies in Crocs. Plenty wide but I still have to pound on them to get his feet all the way in there.

Still not sure what I mean when I say fat from top to bottom? Maybe these super cute Instagram pics will help clear it up…

This little piggy went to market

This little piggy stayed home

This little piggy had roast beef

This little piggy had none

And this little piggy went wee wee wee wee wee wee all the way home.

Anybody have shoe suggestions for fat little piggies that have had too much roast beef? Please don’t say Stride Rite. I’ve checked out their website and the toddler boy choices that come in extra wide are hideous. If you know me then you will understand that ugly shoes are not an option.

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