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How in the world has three years passed so quickly?  It seems like last week I was still pregnant.  Just yesterday he was a chubby little baby who had stolen all of our hearts.  Now he is 3.  This year for Christmas he gave me the best Christmas gift I could have received…he is potty trained.  Hallelujah!  And today we move into the big boy bed.  How bittersweet it is to watch your children grow.  Sweet…because this boy is precious. He charms everyone he meets and has us all wrapped around his little finger.  Bitter…I can see the time slipping through my fingers.  I try to stop and relish it, really I do.  But I can’t freeze time.  They must grow and learn and become independent and fly.  But for now I’m still “Mommy” and for that I’m so grateful.



IMG_0981January 2, 2012

DSC_0081January 2, 2013

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  1. sueannm66

    His birthday is on the same day as my sons except he just turned 16. I also wrote a post about him on his birthday. Boys teach us a lot about the world!

    • Hugs, Kisses and Snot

      Loved your post. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I love getting to know moms of older boys. So much to learn in this crazy task of raising a boy who will become a (gentle) man.

      • sueannm66

        Thank you. There certainly is much to learn, and because they’re all different unfortunately we don’t get a guaranteed winning formula about how to raise them!

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