Social Distancing As A Family – Day 22

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You know who is living their best life right now? Dogs.

Instead of being in the crate all day while their owner is at work, they are roaming the house and following their owners around like “professional shadow” is their new job description. They are having the best nights sleep of their lives because of all the walks. In all my years of living in this neighborhood, never have I seen so many dogs on walks.

Cats on the other hand are wondering why in the hell the dumb dog is our of his crate.

You know who else is doing a victory lap? Home school moms.

They have had to defend their life choices and methods all these years but look who is sitting back now with a smirk because they have had zero interruption to their school schedule. While the rest of our kids may or may not learn anything at all for the remainder of the “school year”, home school kids are going to leap frog everyone in academic proficiency.

Also, the person who holds the key to Zoom. Right now they are sitting in their home office in Silicon Valley working around the clock to keep everything up and running while it operates at 1000% capacity. When this fog lifts, the Zoom coders will be gods in the tech world.

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  1. Megan Sherrer

    Who wants to save their stock by buying stock in zoom? Lol…

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