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Cathy Rigby is PETER PAN. Photo credit: Michael Lamont

Tuesday night Addison and I had a double date with a mommy friend of mine and her son.  We went to the Civic Center in OKC to see Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan.  I don’t know what I was expecting but this performance far exceeded my expectations.  Cathy Rigby has still got it going on.  During the first scene set in the nursery she was bouncing and tumbling around the stage, balancing on top of things, showing off how flexible she is all the while being a perfect Peter Pan.  I kept thinking to myself, “When is she going to get hooked up to cables.  She is going to have to go off stage or have some discrete stage hand hook her up.”  When out of nowhere she took flight and what a flight it was!  Cathy’s acrobatic skills combined with the Flight Director who controlled the cables made for one very impressive flight sequence.  Addison sat in rapt silence while his friend nearly hit the roof with excitement.

At intermission I was afraid the boys would be too tired to carry on through the second act.  On the contrary they were raring to go and were impatient for intermission to be over so they could see what was to come.

At the top of the second act Peter, Wendy, the Lost Boys and the Indians did an incredible dance number.  It combined dancing and percussion that kept getting faster and more frenzied until the audience was left cheering.  The boys thought it was hilarious that the song they sang during that number is called Ugg-a-Wugg.

The pirates added quite a bit of comical release as well as an exciting sword fight between Hook and Peter.  Addison’s friend who was with us is really into pirates right now so he could hardly contain himself with all the sword play.

When I got home and regaled Dear Husband with the highlights he couldn’t believe that we got to see Cathy Rigby.  He remembers seeing her as Peter Pan in the 90’s and remembers her best as an olympic and world-class gymnast from the 70’s.  The 70’s!

Thank you to Celebrity Attractions for bringing Cathy Rigby to Oklahoma City!  Here’s what they have to say about the show:

September 13-18, 2011
Civic Center Music Hall

Tony® Award nominee Cathy Rigby takes flight in an all new production of PETER PAN! Discover the
magic all over again of this two time Emmy award winning and two time Tony® Award nominated
production. The New York Times says “Rigby still carries off the flights, fights and acrobatics that
make PETER PAN audiences mesmerized.” PETER PAN is filled with timeless magical moments and a
captivating hook. The legend you know, is now the adventure you never dreamed possible… Cathy
Rigby is PETER PAN!

Cathy Rigby is PETER PAN comes to the Civic Center Music Hall now through Sunday, September 18th.
Tickets range from $25-$60 (plus handling fees) and may be purchased via phone (800) 869-1451, in
person at the Civic Center Music Hall Box Office or online

If you have been thinking of introducing your little one musical theatre, Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan is the perfect place to start!

pictorial highlights from the evening…

Have you seen the show?  Do you remember Cathy Rigby as Peter Pan?  As a gymnast?  I’d like to know what you think.

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  1. Bridget Todd

    This is so sweet!! I can’t believe Cathy Rigby still does this stuff. I’m very impressed. What a fun time.

  2. Leigh

    David and I had a mommy / son date for this on Sunday afternoon. He made it almost to the end. We left just as they got back to the nursery. It was a lot of fun and the first half definitely held his interest. He just started to get wiggly and distracting by the end. It was his first musical so it will get better! I’m glad you guys had a good time! I think they should’ve had a Peter Pan t-shirt with the crocodile or something for boys on it!

  3. Rob Maurizi

    Hi- I’m thinking about getting tickets for this in NYC for my 6.5 & 4 YO boys. Do you think it’s age-appropriate for them (particularly the 4YO)? They’re huge Jake & the never land pirates fans, so they’re already familiar with Capt Hook.


    • Hugs, Kisses and Snot

      Hi Rob – Yes, I think it’s age appropriate. My son was 6 1/2 at the time and he made it all the way through with no problem. The boy we went with is one year younger than my son and he did great. I had several friends who took their preschoolers and they enjoyed it. It gets a little long for a preschooler but the end is exciting if you can convince him to stay with it. There is sword play and fighting but it wasn’t scary. I would have no problem taking a 4 year old. Have they seen the Disney movie? That might familiarize them with the story line and let them know that Jake & his pals aren’t a part of this story. Have fun in NYC!!!

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