Is Your Attitude Infectious?

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One day this past summer, I visited an art camp for teenagers from all over the state. To attend the two-week camp, students must audition in their field of interest (art, dance, orchestra, choir, photography, drama, film). The judges accept only the best, so the level of talent at this camp is high. Once accepted, the two weeks are nearly free to the student, so the playing field is the same for those whose families would normally not be able to afford an opportunity like this.

My family visited for the final orchestra performance, and I can honestly say it was as good as any college-level and even many professional orchestra performances I’ve seen. My husband and I marveled at the musicians’ professionalism and talent. We were also amused when we saw the same musicians around the camp, wondering why these professional musicians were acting like sixteen-year-old kids—silly, awkward, shy. Oh, right, we reminded ourselves, they are only sixteen.

One violinist was especially enjoyable to watch. Some people are technically perfect and exceptionally gifted in their craft. Others have a joy for what they do, and that’s clear to everyone. This kid had both.

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