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October is here…time to kick the birthday preparations into high gear.

This year I ordered a custom invite on Etsy.  How did I not realize to do this before this year?  This is a birthday game changer! In the past I’ve used a variety of methods to create b-day invites.  Tiny Prints…Cute but pricy.  Store bought and hand written…Old school but sloppy.  Created on the computer…A good idea if you have experience in creating custom, unique designs.  The year I created the invite on my own my husband took it to work to show his co-worker who does all their media ads, invites, you know; fancy stuff.  She took pity on me and redesigned it to make it look semi-professional.

This year someone suggested looking on Etsy.  (light bulb).  I found lots of choices in my theme with the ability to customize it.  This super cute invite was only $5.99.  It was emailed to me in a pdf which I uploaded to Target to print and then pick up at the store.  Genius!

I got this custom invite at Etsy store called A Vertigo Creation.  (They did not ask me to blog about this.  They had no idea I was a blogger when I ordered.  Just another mom trying to create an awesome party for her kid.  What length us moms will go to…)

My one word of advice if you ever order an invite from Etsy.  Have them create it in as a 4×6 card.  Target, Walgreens, Sams, Costco, etc. usually have incredible prices like .10 per print.  Printing it as a 5×7 increases the cost to around $1.60 per print.  If you have to print a lot of invites you will save a lot of money by going w/ the smaller print.  I didn’t realize that until after the fact.  You’re welcome.

What is your favorite method of creating b-day invites?

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  1. Lilly

    I used an adorable Etsy dealer to make invites for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s brunch for my birthday last year. (I felt a little vain ordering custom made invites for myself, but I don’t have a child to push my party planning on yet, so…) They were darling and took a basic breakfast to a fancy-ish brunch. Love Etsy dealers!!

  2. I'm Feelin' Crafty

    There are sooo many cute invites on etsy! And everything else printable you can imagine. I’m joining in on it and am getting some invites in my shop too! 🙂 I hadn’t thought about the 5×7 versus 4×6. I like mine big, and have always printed them myself. Thanks for the input!

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