Little girl’s room yarn wreath w/ banner

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We have some dear friends who have three stair step boys.  Our two boys and these three boys get along great and it’s a hoot to see them all dig in the dirt, play superheros and cause all sorts of boy-type mayhem when the five of them are together.  On Christmas Eve, these dear friends of our welcomed their fourth child into the world.  They were in the process of adopting a girl last spring when suddenly the adoption process came to a screeching halt.  They were pregnant!  The dad knew in his heart that is was going to be a girl and to their jubilation they found out that they indeed were being blessed with sugar and spice.  This yarn wreath is for sweet little Jubilee.

Should you so feel inclined to make this wreath keep reading.  If not, you can just jump down to the bottom to see the super cute instagram pics and then figure out what sort of bribe it will take in order to get me to make one for you.

Supplies needed (in the event you want to make your own yarn wreath w/ a banner attached):

18 inch straw wreath (leave plastic on)
1 skein of yarn  = about 108 yards
2 sheets green felt
two shades of pink felt
two shades of yellow felt
card stock scrapbook paper
coordinating fabric
embroidery floss
glue gun

The green is the base for all the flowers.  I used measuring cups to trace onto the felt to give me a starting point from which to cut out the flowers.  Use the 1 cup for the green.  Once the circle is cut out I cut little triangles out and ended up with a green sun.  Keep some of the triangles as they will come in handy later to make leaves.

For the flowers I alternated dark pink, light pink and dark pink.  The bottom layer I used the 1/2 cup then the 1/3 cup on the light pink and the 1/4 cup on the dark pink.  Cut a scalloped edge on each circle.  Glue the layers onto the green base using a ring of hot glue.  Keep glue away from the middle.  I’ll tell you why in a second.

Now it’s time to sew on the buttons.  This is why it’s important to keep the glue away from the middle.  It’s too hard to push the needle through hot glue that has cooled off.  I used 4 strands of embroidery floss.  I guess you could use all 6 but that might be hard to thread the needle.  The button’s only purpose is to be cute.  It’s not holding anything together so two passes should be fine.

On to the yellow flowers.  You will need two more green bases.  Like the pink flowers I used 1/2 cup to trace the dark yellow, 1/3 cup for the light yellow and 1/4 cup for the final dark yellow layer.

I wanted to change up the type of flower so I made straight cuts in a random pattern being careful not to connect any of the cuts and accidentally cut one of the “peddles” out.

I didn’t want these flowers to lay flat like the pink ones did.  These needed a little bit of depth so I pulled one of the peddles over on top of its neighbors and glued it down. One thing that I discovered was that the 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup patterns were a little too big.  I trimmed about 1/4 inch all the way around off two of the layers.

For some reason it was a lot harder to avoid getting hot glue in the middle of all the layers.  That’s fine.  Instead of sewing the button on, I threaded the button to make it look like it was sewn on, knotted it in the back and glued the button on the flower.

Now to the swirls.  I have to admit that I did not come up with this idea on my own.  A super crafty friend of mine came up with these cute little fabric swirls as a way to dress up a boring lamp shade.  They are so easy…tear a strip of fabric (about an inch or two wide by 12 or so long).  It needs to be torn so that the edges are all nice and rough.  Twist it, glue one end down then continue gluing in a spiral pattern.  Voila’!

For the banner I pulled out my brand-spakin’ new Cricut.  The Cricut unveiling was a beautiful moment shared by myself, the Cricut and the dust bunnies watching from the baseboard.  I currently only own two cartridges…Ashlyn’s Alphabet and Boys Will Be Boys (they’re expensive little suckers so I have to wait for a great sale) so I had to get a little creative.  For the banner flags I used the shadow of the kite on Boys Will Be Boys and made them 2 inches.  The letters are from Ashlyn’s Alphabet (I’m sure you could have guessed that) and they are 1 inch.  I used the tape runner but I can see how mini glue dots would come in handy when working with such small letters.  Hot glue them to the ribbon and it’s complete!


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