Which is hotter? The air outside or my dryer?

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I’m a woman on a mission.  A mission to figure out ways to cut our electric bill.  We have done all the typical stuff…turn the thermostat up, turn off lights and the tv when we’re not using it, try not to use too much electricity during peak hours…you probably know the drill.

The other day a friend on Facebook made a comment that got me thinking.  I bet the temperature outside is just as hot or hotter than my dryer.  Hummmmm.

This morning I strung up a make-shift clothes line on my back porch.  And it worked!

I remember my MaMaw dried all her clothes on a line.  She had a dryer and I always wondered why she never used it.  Now I understand and can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner.  This is free.

So far I have successfully dried three loads of laundry in the back yard.  In 106 degree heat the sheets dried in minutes!

Laugh if you want but if this is what it takes to bring down the electric bill…so be it.

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