Five Minute Friday: Support


Today’s Five Minute Friday writing prompt is: support

Five minutes are on the timer…GO!

Next week I will be traveling to San Fransisco to a conference for Assistance League. As an active volunteer, I support our community through the programs we offer. And as a way to support the volunteers, some of us get to travel to their national conference to learn and grow in our mission to support our local community and transform lives.

However, preparing to be out of town for five days is no small task. 

Adam is crazy busy with work and school and the boys have places they need to be as well as generally being looked after and cared for. It’s times like these when I really think about who my support system is. 

Thank goodness my parents live close enough to help out when I ask.

When I mentioned to my mom that I would be gone for five days and I was juggling the Addison and Harry’s schedules, it wasn’t even a question for her to come and help me. She willingly gave up her time to come and support me in my time of need. I can’t imagine raising a family without the help and support of grandparents and I’m sure many moms feel the same way.

I have a few friends with multiple children and all of them deeply depend on their moms and mothers-in-law to help raise those kids.


Who do you lean on for support? 

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  1. Kelly Blackwell

    I am very fortunate to be supported by my husband. This past year we moved across the country so I could follow a call to another Christian radio ministry. That my husband is so willing to move us for this is amazing. I could go on and on of course. I am glad that you have your mom there for you. Grandparents really are great!
    Visiting from FMF – Your neighbor #66
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  2. Martha Grimm Brady

    hi stephanie, i’m your next door neighbor at FMF:) i answered that question in my post today pretty much. my husband was a pastor for most of our 49 years of marriage. he is retired now as am i. we never lived near either set of grandparents and always wished we had. during our growing up years, we usually had our one set of grands nearby. they helped a LOT. it was great from our standpoint:)
    i enjoyed reading your blog:)
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  3. Jennifer

    It really is a blessing to be close to your parents – and to have them routinely and actively involved in your children’s lives. My parents were only one state away (a lot closer than many of my friends) when my children were small and I am grateful for their being available. (We miss them now.) Now that my husband and I are in a completely different phase of life – it seems that our children are actually the biggest supporters we have – funny how that happens!! But wonderful, too!!

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