Five Minute Friday: Story

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five minute friday story

I’m back participating in Five Minute Friday. That last couple of weeks have been busy. Too busy to spend much time here on the blog. But I have a surprisingly free Friday and am happy to spend five minutes thinking about today’s writing prompt: Story.

Five minutes on the ol’ iPhone…GO

If i learned anything at all from participating in Listen To Your Mother, it was that everyone has a story to tell and every story is important.

Our story is made up of all the little things that define us. They don’t have to be big, life changing events. They are the little threads woven throughout our lives that make us us.

So what makes up my story? Well, I am a:

wife of seventeen years

mother of two little boys, one who is about to be a teenager



broken hearted for the downtrodden

lover of things beautiful and comfortable

follower of Christ

seeker of peace and reconciliation

passionate for social justice

registered as in independent but mostly vote Democrat

daughter of conservative Republicans

sister to the craziest guy I know








lover of irreverent, hilarious tv

bargain hunter

believer in unicorns


What makes up your story?

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