Five Minute Friday – Release

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I’m back at it with Five Minute Friday. I’ve missed the past few weeks due to busy schedules or the ago old “I’ll get to that in just a few minutes” and then a few minutes turn into never. Classic.


This week’s writing prompt is Release. Here we go. Five minutes of brain vomit start NOW!

There are some things that are worth fighting for and there are some thing that are not. Things worth fighting for (in my opinion) include making a positive change in the world, community, your life, your family’s life. Things that have lasting impact.

Things that are not worth fighting for are the things that, after having given it your best shot, you realize you have no control over the outcome. Things like someone else’s reactions to events and circumstances, what someone may think of you, events that are out of your control.

There are times when I’ve realized that I need to release my hold on how I feel about something or my need to control a situation that is out of my control. It helps to audibly acknowledge the thing, feeling, or situation. Admit to myself that there is nothing I can do to change the outcome. Then release my hold on to it. Give it to God or the universe or the space outside of myself. I don’t know if it really matters where I release my control, as long as I acknowledge my desire to control, acknowledge my lack of control and outcome, and then release my need to have things go my way.

I’m not always successful, but if I can release my need to make people see things my way or release my desire to make things happen that just won’t happen I feel free of the burden of control.


What do you need to release?


  1. Lauren Sparks

    Oh! So much truth in your few minutes of writing. Just today my 13 year old was going on and on about some drama at school and I found myself saying much the same thing. “You can’t control what someone else does or says about you.” But then I had the thought that if this concept is still hard for me, it must seem like a mountain to her. Thanks for the reminder. Visiting you from FMF.

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