Five Minute Friday: Intentional

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Aren’t Friday’s glorious? The entire weekend stretches ahead, full of possibilities.

Maybe I’m feeling extra happy on this Friday because it is 51 degrees instead of the 14 degrees just five days ago. Maybe I feel like the world is a little better because my neighbor had a baby yesterday and I got to hold that baby today. Maybe I’m filled with optimism because Addison remembered to bring his band instrument home when we asked him to.

Whatever the case, this Friday is looking up. And it’s Five Minute Friday time where I get to spend just five minutes writing about a specific topic.

Today’s word is INTENTIONAL.

Five minutes are on the clock.


Have you noticed that in order to get things done you have to do it with intention and not just willy-nilly?

This morning I intentionally attended a yoga class and felt really good about said yoga class.

I intentionally sat my butt in this chair to write. I could have just as easily wasted an hour on the internet or done some housework but I wanted to this one little thing. But I had to have some serious intention to get it done. I intentionally closed Facebook so I wouldn’t be distracted.

I’ve noticed that Facebook (and the like) pull my intention away from productivity and living a life that doesn’t feel like I’m wasting my time.

Yesterday I wrote about my word for 2018: Joy. Specifically, choosing joy. This is a very intentional act every day and often every hour of every day. I’ve noticed that sometimes joy just comes. It is all around all you have to do is look up. But sometimes you have to make yourself see it. That is when choosing joy is an intentional act.

STOP! Five minutes are up.

What have you done with intention lately?


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  1. Brooke

    I wrote about yoga before reading your post! Love it!
    Stepping away from social media does take such an effort, but I’m working on eliminating the distraction as well.

  2. Lesley

    So true- to get things done we have to be intentional (and switching off Facebook definitely helps!) I also like your point about intentionally choosing joy!

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