Five Minute Friday: Better

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With my continued goal to write more and move more, what better way to start off 2019 by getting back into the swing of things with Five Minute Friday? The first writing prompt of the year is Better. I only have five minutes to brain dump what the word better sparks in my mind at this moment in time.

Five minutes are on the timer…Go!

Five Minute Friday: Better

How can I be better? That is something I’m constantly asking myself. How can I be a better friend, volunteer, wife, mom?

How can I be a better parent really hit home this week when my patience was tested and expectations challenged.

I don’t know about you, but I put a lot of pressure on myself to be a good mom and to raise good boys. I put a lot of pressure on myself all the while knowing that my influence only goes so far. They were brought into this world hard wired to be a certain way. Nurture can only take me so far when it comes to the power of nature. Who they will be over the expanse of their time here on earth is not up to me.

I give myself both way too much credit and way too much responsibility.

So, how can I be a better mom? Maybe I can start by being better to myself. Maybe I need to forgive myself and give myself some slack. Maybe I can be better at communicating with myself, my husband, and my sons my expectations and struggles. Already, those tasks feel overwhelming.

Maybe I need to start small.

Be better by moving more and writing more. Be better by taking a deep breath when it all feels overwhelming and reminding myself that the sun will rise tomorrow. Be better by remembering I was made in God’s image and so were the people around me. Be better by reveling in that understanding and allowing that to be enough.


What does better in 2019 mean to you?


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  1. I’d say you hit the nail on the head. Those are all things I’m struggling with right now too. Especially with starting a new business and being here 60 hours a week to get things on track, while letting everyone else take over what I’ve always done (and loved doing) at home. Giving up any control and letting others take over those responsibilities can be so, so hard. But it’s good for us all to learn and grow.

    Hang in there! We’re fighting the good fight and that will make a huge impact on how the lives of our children play out. So many don’t have those strong, supportive influences.

    • Stephanie Clinton

      Yes! It is so hard to let go and allow someone to do our “job” in a different way…even if it’s folding the laundry or loading the dishwasher. But allowing them to be a part of the process at home is so important and makes them a part of the team. Go you with your new businesses!

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