Fall Yarn Wreath & Felt Mum Tutorial

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felt mum tutorial

After a short blogging break I’m back.  I don’t know if you missed me but I missed you.  I’m not sure if that statement was directed at you, the reader, the Mac or WordPress.  How about all three.

I’ve got a lot of posts lined up so let’s get started with this fall yarn wreath and a felt mum tutorial.


Straw wreath (leave the plastic on)
hot glue gun

This is yet another awesomely cheep wreath.  The yarn was on clearance for $2.00, felt is 4 for a $1 and the wreath was around $2.99 – cha-ching!

Wrap the wreath with yarn.  This wreath is 14 inches so it went by much faster than my 16 inch spring roses wreath.  I was able to get that baby wrapped and have a meaningful conversation with dear husband at the same time.  I’m all about multitasking.  (Under the wreath is a recipe for pumpkin roll.  That post is coming next week so stay tuned!)

Now for the Felt Mum Tutorial.

When I was searching for new ways to make felt flowers I ran across yet another crafty blog…Mrs Priss.  Here she gives a great tutorial on how to make felt mums.  She calls them pom poms but I needed a mum to make it fall themed so a mum it shall be.

I started by cutting a two inch wide strip of felt the length of the sheet (I think the felt sheets are about 8 inches long).  Fold it in half length wise then glue the outside edge together.  On the folded side make cuts about 1/2 and inch apart.

felt mum tutorial

Begin rolling the strip applying hot glue every inch or so to keep it from unrolling.  The finished product is a small mum.  How cute is that?

felt mum tutorial

I experimented with the width of strips of felt and how many I rolled together.  The larger mums were about 3 inches wide with 2 strips rolled up, one after another.

For the leaves I choose a deep green that seemed more like an evergreen rather than a bright grass green that would seem too summery.  Cut out leaf shapes with a fat stem.  Pinch the stem together and apply hot glue inside the pinch.

felt mum tutorial

I made sure to arrange the flowers and leaves on the wreath before I did any gluing.

felt mum tutorial

Done and done.  All in less than an hour and less than $10.  I love it when a plan comes together.

felt mum tutorial

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