Election Eve Prayer of Compassion

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prayers of compassion and mercy

Here we are on the eve of the election. If you are feeling nervous and unsettled, I encourage you to go back and review the previous prayers of compassion and mercy.

Week one

Week two

Week three

We sit at the edge of the cliff. For months we have been racing towards this chasm full tilt. Now we are here and we must do our duty even through we don’t know if we will survive the jump.

But here’s the thing.

We will survive. Faith in our creator ensures that we will be loved even when the furture is unknown. Faith demands that we leap forward even if we are terrified. Faith demands we leave our preconceived notions about this world behind and trust God. Trust that he is greater than us and can see farther and more clearly than we ever can.

On the eve of the unknown, fear can take us to dark places, threaten to overtake us or cause us to lash out at each other. When that happens I urge you to pray. Seek the quiet places and ask for peace. Compassion and mercy will find you. 

Faithful God – 

Sometimes it feels like life will rise up like a wave, threaten to sweep me under and crush me under it’s weight. In times like these I search for the quiet places. 


Lead me to the quiet waters. Help me find the peace I need to restore my soul and face a new day.


I know you feel the pressure in my chest, the need for space, for quiet. Loosen the bonds of anxiety so I may draw breath and breath in your sweet mercy. Holy Spirit blow through me, sweep away the fear the world brings and fill the space with the peace and assurance of your love. Bury me in your compassion and lift me out anew to float in your stillness.


Let me find rest in you.



  1. Christine Carter

    Oh friend, I love that prayer. Praying it with you today. I’ve loved ALL of them throughout this difficult season.

    Thank GOD we can cling to Jesus as we face that cliff…

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