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Apparently the Color Me Rad promo code was a big hit. Thank you Color Me Rad for offering a discount for the OKC and Cincinnati runs. Not only was it awesome of them to give a discount but it gave me a nice little spike in blog stats. Lots of people searching for a run discount code found my little blog. Wooohooo!

In case you didn’t know, OKC is an awesome place to be (despite the 108 degree weather) because the people are so great.  The OKC run had the most entries of any Color Me Rad run so far.  Even before a charity was secured, people were donating online before even knowing which charity they were giving to.  Thanks to all the runners and volunteers the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation earned over $8700!  Oklahomans…give ’em a good cause and they on it like white on rice.

Before: Dear Husband, me, my Cute Librarian Friend and BFF.

We had a great time.  I’m pretty sure that I could have jogged most of the course had it not been 87 degrees.  But since it was 87 degrees we opted for a fast walk.  Dear Husband was very patient with us and kept us entertained while he jogged circles around us.

The mass of humanity at the starting line was a little overwhelming but once we got going the crowd thinned out and were able to take it nice and slow.  The first two color stations were a cloud of purple and blue dust.  The dust is actually corn starch with dye in it.  Our teeth and tongues were blue after the first color station because you can’t help bet inhale the color.  There were also two color stations with volunteers spraying the runners with dyed water.  It was actually refreshing and I would suggest to the folks at Color Me Rad that future races in the dead of summer have more wet color stations.

The finish line was a huge cloud of pink color.  Dear Husband and I tossed pink dust on each other and celebrated my first 5k.

About 3/4 of the way through the run we found some more friends and Jenna joined us for a photo opp.

I’m not a runner but I’ll run this race.  Keep Color Me Rad on your radar because they will probably be back in OKC next year and hopefully back with another Hugs, Kisses and Snot promo code.  Yipee!

Thanks for a great event, Color Me Rad and thanks for raising over $8700 for a great charity!

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  1. christine

    It looks like loads of fun. I was sad to see that the Indianapolis race was while we were on vacation. Maybe next year!

  2. Irene Penny

    You guys look so cute! Maybe instead of our high school reunion pizza party next year, we can throw paint on each other?? xx

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