Blogger of the Month and Snark Attack

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For the month of April I’m the Blogger of the Month at Oklahoma Women Bloggers.  Yeeeeeeehaaaawwww!  Thank you so much to these lovely ladies for having me as their BOM.  I’m truly flattered, humbled and honored.

Oklahoma Women Bloggers
Today’s featured post is about how women can be ugly to each other in person but the gloves really come off online.
We all know women can be brutal to each other.  Jealousy, judging, gossip, back stabbing, it’s nothing new.  In person, treating each other with spite and ugliness is done with a bit of finesse.  It’s passive aggressive, back-handed compliments, quietly spreading rumors behind someone’s back all with a glossy lipstick smile on our face.  Well, that is until Real Housewives came on the scene and for some reason they seem to think upending dining tables is an acceptable form of behavior for grown women.
Read the rest at Oklahoma Women Bloggers.

  1. Julie @ Lilacs & Longhorns

    Congratulations, Stephanie and great post!
    I’m with you…why does everyone feel the need to attack another? I’m amazed at some of the comments I’ve seen on Twitter, FB and blogs — the complete hatred is unbelievable! Some people are conflict junkies and I just don’t have the time or the energy for it.

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