Giant Scaredy Plant & Dear Husband’s Birthday

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One of the fun things about the vast amount of flora and fauna in Costa Rica were the Sensitive Plants all over the ground.  I liked to call them the Scaredy Cat plant.  These little bitty plants provided cheap entertainment for weary workers.  On one of the last days at the camp, Dear Husband and I were checking out the trails that some of our group cleared out.  We came across what we thought was a giant scaredy plant.  With much excitement we got the phone out ready to document something amazing.

Mid week we celebrated Dear Husband’s birthday.  His cabin mates found it a really good excuse to escape to the nearest little town, 2 miles away, for cerveza.  I hear tell that the road to San Jose de la Montana was a very steep climb.  Like, you were leaning way over and practically using your hands to climb up the road.  Well, maybe not that bad but it sounded pretty intense.  I didn’t want beer that bad.

Birthday in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Cerveza

Happy Birthday

Feliz cumpleaños querido esposo. Ustedes son la luz de mi vida.

  1. Chris Carter

    WOW! That plant is amazing!!! And if it were my birthday, I would probably climb that hill for a nice celebratory drink too. 😉

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