Favorite Summer Memory

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Now that school has started I’m in summer reflection mode.  We have had two great family vacations, hours in the pool and playtime with friends.  I grilled to my heart’s content and created an adult beverage that will become a summer staple for girls night in.  Despite all of that my favorite thing about this summer was not having to wake up to the alarm clock.

Here’s the deal.  I hate getting up early.  During the school year I stumble around the kitchen making breakfast and lunches.  Getting my oldest up and going is a struggle every single morning.  Despite our best efforts to prepare for school the night before the next morning is a frustrating rush out the door.  I usually end up yelling and threats are made that he will either have to go to school with one shoe or will be left behind because the ‘train’ is pulling out.  On days when I have to get myself and the toddler out the door early means getting myself ready before the kids and that means getting up even earlier.  It’s stressful and I don’t like it.

This summer the only time we set the alarm was the day we had to make it to the airport on time.  The rest of the time I let the sun and the sounds of my two year old playing in his crib wake me up.  I made no effort to be any place early so each morning was a lazy stroll through cartoons and breakfast in our jammies.  The best part of all of this was there wasn’t any yelling.  I didn’t have to yell to hurry up or find a shoe or rush to finish homework that should have been completed the night before.  No mommy guilt here, just the morning paper and a cup of coffee.

Picking wild blueberries and them baking them into a pie was amazing but stress-free mornings were priceless.  What’s your favorite summer memory?

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