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The following is a short list of the type of friends that I think every mom needs in their life.

1) The friend who you can call and say: “I am not going to sell one more G.D. box of frozen cookie dough. If the friggin’ PTA can’t come up with a better way to raise money then I’ll just write them a check for $100 and be done with it.”

Her response to this would be: “Agreed. When I pulled that flier out of the kid’s backpacks today I threw that $h*! the trash”. Then you go on to discuss the class bully and how you would like to slap him and slap his mother.

This is also the friend who you can call, on a whim, and say: “Can I drop the kid off at your house for a few hours? I really need to get xyz done.” What’s important about being able to ask this of your friend is that it is in no way any guilt associated in asking. You know in your heart of hearts that she is happy to do it for you and you would do the same for her.

2) Every mom needs a friend who is single and/or childless. She loves your children dearly and will listen with a smile on her face to all the silly stories you have to share about your kids. She is also a good enough friend to let you know every now and then that while she loves  you and your kids and their amazing adventures not everyone and their dog wants to hear these stories over and over and over and over and over. She is there to have adult conversations with you about things that don’t involve dirty diapers and snot. She will come over and drink a bottle of wine with you because she doesn’t have responsibility of being a mommy waiting for her at home.

3) We all need a friend(s) who is a different race and/or religion. We need people who are different than us. It’s really easy to get comfortable in a life where everybody goes to the same church, is the same color as you, can afford the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to, etc. It’s easy to fall into a trap of complacency and forget that there is a whole lot more going on outside the bubble. It’s a reminder that while we may have friends who have different political views, religious views, different socioeconomic status; we are different but we are all connected. We are all children of God.

4) It’s good to have a friend who you haven’t seen or talked to in months and months but when you get on the phone it’s like you just talked to her yesterday. This is a friendship that spans time and miles.

There are more friend categories but I said this was going to be a short list. This list makes me think of my friends that fit into each of these 4 categories and makes me appreciate them.

5) Last but not least. There is a friend who I know I can trust more than anyone in the world. Who I can say crazy stuff to and I’m not ashamed if it’s ridiculous. This friend is my Dear Husband.

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