Strawberry Skillet Cornbread

Photo disclaimer: The photos in the this post are horrific.  My little point and shoot Canon was awesome 7 years ago.  Now, not so much.  Regular ol’ kitchen lighting + old, tiny camera = crappy photos (no matter how much amature editing I try to do in iPhoto).  So I apologize for these ugly, yellow pics.  However, I’m beyond the moon excited to announce that I have a new “big girl” camera.  A Guardian Angel read that I was wishing for a new camera and blessed me with her Nikon that she no longer uses.  I can’t tell you how excited and appreciative I am.  As soon as I figure out what all the buttons, dials and numbers mean you will be seeing much improved pictures here.  Until I figure those dials and numbers out you will be seeing my trial and error with a new camera.  Either way, I’m psyched.

Photo disclaimer over.

Brand disclaimer:

Calhoun Bend Mill brand mix did NOT ask me to post about this.  I just really love their product.  To them I’m just another consumer.

If you don’t live in the south and can’t find this mix you can order it online.  Did you know Amazon sells food?!  Obviously I just found this out.  They want you to buy this mix in bulk but you’re gonna wanna go ahead and do that.  It’s that good.  12 packages isn’t that much cornbread when you think about it.  And what about when the apocalypse happens?  You’re going to want to be set with cornbread in your under ground bunker.

Brand disclaimer over.

Remember my new best friend?  Meet her cousin, lightly sweetened Honey Butter Cornbread Mix:

Here’s what you need to turn this crazy easy cornbread mix into cornbread crack.

Honey Butter Cornbread Mix
1 cup quartered strawberries
2 Tbs. butter
2 eggs
milk (however much it says on the package plus maybe a little more to get a cake batter consistency – I can’t remember the amount)
2 Tbs. sugar

1)  Combine strawberries and sugar in a bowl, mix and set aside.

2) Combine mix, eggs and milk in a bowl.  Melt butter in a cast iron skillet.  Swirl around to coat the pan.

3) Pour batter into pan then pour strawberries into the middle of the batter.

4) Bake according to package directions.

Peaches, plums or blueberries would be a lovely substitution for strawberries.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Keya

    Looks delicious. I’ll have to try this one as we are growing some yummy strawberries right now! BTW I hope that you and your loved ones are doing well given the recent tornados. My thoughts and prayers to you guys!

    • Hugs, Kisses and Snot

      Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. Norman was hit on Friday but thankfully just buildings were hurt – not people. We’re not anywhere near the crazy stuff that happened on Sat. It’s so sad when you hear about a family being killed.

  2. Author MelindaTripp

    Yum, this will be my new go to for cacin brunches…….that is where that skillet lives…….I’ll stock up on corn bread mix!
    Strawberries I can get on most corners in my part of the Central Valley!
    Glad you and yours are safe.

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