Stain Remover and Tape Decks

Allow me to fill you in on my latest “first world” problem…I just realized that the Oxi-Clean clothing detergent I’ve been using for the past month is not actually detergent. 

detergent fail

Turns out it’s just a stain fighter that you are supposed to add to your washer in addition to your regular detergent. It comes in a detergent bottle (instead of a spray bottle like most stain fighters) that looks just like detergent. On the front of the bottle it says “2 in 1 Stain Fighter plus Color Safe Booster”. 

2 in 1

Two things in one bottle.

I interpret that to mean detergent plus stain fighter. Two things in one bottle, right? How did I miss this? Why did I lose this round to the laundry? Cleaning clothes shouldn’t be hard but apparently I need a refresher course. In case you have been near me and/or my family and wondered what the smell was…it was my inability to properly clean their clothes. 

You will be happy to know that I have since purchased a regular bottle of laundry detergent and we are on our way to smelling fresh as a daisy again.

On a happier note, we finally bought a new car. 


How cheesy is this photo? 

After 11 years and over 150,000 miles we traded in our Kia for a Honda. I was really hoping to make it to 200,000 miles but two pricey repairs in one week pushed me over the edge to give in.

While I’m very happy to have a new car, I’m a little nostalgic for a couple of things from my Kia. First, if you know me in real life, you know that you could always spot me at Target because of my car. The back windows had stickers all over the inside because I let the boys put stickers from the doctor’s office on the car window. Probably not the smartest move since the stickers wouldn’t come off cleanly but that’s not my problem any longer.

Second, my 11 year old Kia had a tape deck. In order to listen to music on my phone, I had to have a gadget that looked like a cassette tape with a long wire. It would go into the tape deck and then plug into my phone. Friends of Addison were confused by the rectangle shaped slot in the console and wondered what it was for. Sadly, I will never again be able to listen to cassette singles of Brian Adams. Okay, so that was in my first car in 1993, but still. No more tape deck. Now I have to be all fancy and use blue tooth. 

On the plus side, my new car shows me how many miles I get to the gallon and how many miles I have until empty. 


I am currently obsessing over how many miles per gallon I can get. When it goes below 24 mpg I start driving like a grandma to see how long it will take me to get it back up to the 25’s. In other words; don’t get stuck behind me at a light.

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  1. Christine Carter

    Oh that’s good. REALLY good. I could TOTALLY see myself doing that!! LOLOL!

    YAY for new car!! Our “Kitty” is 16 years old and oh it runs like a 90 year old… and looks like one too- the MOM mobile is dying a slow death. We’re hoping to have it last through the winter- we’ll see. I’m with you on all the nostalgia with our dear old vehicles. They are like family members! We keep talking to it regularly, encouraging it to keep going. LOL
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    • Stephanie Clinton

      Congrats on making it 16 years with your old gal! These old cars, barely limping along, are like a badge of honor.

  2. Chris

    The new gadgets on the new cars can get very addicting! I like to watch the “miles till empty” one. In fact I don’t even remember what my gas gauge is even sitting on! Congrats on the new car..

  3. Dedra

    This is great. I need to start blogging about all the dumb things I do. I’ll have content for years! Congrats on your new car. I have a suburban that is 11 years old and I can’t wait to get rid of it. Soon. Very soon!

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