Share Four Somethings – April

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share four somethings april

What happened to April? Seriously, where did it go? The passage of time is such a strange thing and how odd that thirty days ago can feel like last week. It really does feel like I was reflecting on March just last week yet here I am wondering where April went. I’m sure I’ll go to sleep and when I wake up be writing a post about May.

Before it’s too late, let’s think about April and share four somethings.

Something Loved: These tie-die Bobs shoes from DSW. I went to buy new Teva sandals for the summer but couldn’t pass up these Bob’s. When I passed by they practically reached out and grabbed me. They are so cheerful and fun because it’s hard to be grumpy and a stick in the mud when wearing bright tie-die tennis. Exactly what my mood needs.

tie die shoes

tie die bobs

Something read/listened to: My church has jumped on the podcast band wagon. Each week one of the ministers interviews someone in the church to discuss church-y things. The first episode was all three of our ministers talking about what a “quest for faith” means to them and how it plays an integral roll in the life of First Christian Norman. It started out a little wonky as they aren’t used to communicating in a podcast format but once they put aside the script and spoke from the heart it was a joy to listen to. It reminded me why I love our church community and why I keep coming back to do church-y things.

The fifth episode features Dear Husband and what he has learned from being on the board of directors of Food and Shelter Inc. Again, it reminded me to stop being grumpy, to stop focusing on the crappy people in our town, and remember the things that make our community wonderful.

Something treasured: Adam, Addison, and I are all fully vaccinated. In six months Harry will be old enough to be vaccinated.  

The number of people who have been vaccinated since December is truly amazing. Norman is especially blessed to have a company called IMMY Diagnostics. Normally, IMMY manufactures, markets, and distributes innovative lines of diagnostic tests and reagents for infectious diseases…around the globe. During the pandemic they added COVID-19 testing and vaccine distribution to their load. The world should look to IMMY to figure out how to get stuff done. They are able to vaccinate hundreds of people in a day. The day we received our first Pfizer dose, we went from parking lot to stick in the arm in less than six minutes. Seriously, we timed it. Their organizational skills are off the chart.

And because of the vaccine, we can get back to having beloved friends around the table…inside the house.

Something Ahead: Teacher brunch.

This is our last year of elementary school and we have been through some ups and downs with our school. After 11 years we have a Principal team who is turning our school back into the magical place it was a generation ago. We thought about leaving, more than once but now I’m glad we stuck it out.

To honor our teachers, I’m hosting a Goodbye Ike brunch for all of Harry’s teachers that he has had over the past 6 years. Teachers, librarians, music, PE and admin; they will all hold a special place in our hearts.



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