My Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook and Twitter

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I’m back on Oklahoma Women Bloggers today! ¬†Believe it or not this awesome clip from The Jerk has something to do with how I feel about Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook. When it comes to blogging I really like it. I actually feel like I’m interacting with readers when I see them “like” a blog post or comment and I can easily respond back. I can post pictures that can be viewed instantly instead of having to click thru to see it. I’m still a blogging nobody so all of the interactions are positive. Bloggers with a big following get the negative feedback that fans feel they can spout off at will. I guess when the jerks start coming out of the woodwork and commenting I should feel honored that they feel I’m important enough to spend their negative energy on me. Oh the anticipation of the day I’m treated like crap. Then I’ll know they really like me.

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