It’s not all about me

You’re not the only person in this house and not everything revolves around you.

This is a statement that I say to my 9 year old on a regular basis.  He’s selfish and self-absorbed, it’s called being a kid.  We teach our kids from day one that they are the most amazing thing in the world and then when they start to act like it we get frustrated with their behavior.  It’s nothing new.  Over time they have to unlearn the concept they they are not the center of the universe.  It’s a hard lesson to unlearn.  Heck, I’m still unlearning it.

When my kids don’t jump up and race to get their shoes on the second I say it, I’m seriously put out because I said it and it should be so.  Why can’t they understand that I’m in charge and they should be waiting with baited breath for my next command?  When I arrive at a doctor appointment on time and then they make me sit in a cold room for 45 minutes my anxiety level is through the roof.  By the time I walk out of their I’m ready to convert to some religious group that doesn’t believe in seeing doctors because “this is just ridiculous”.  When I’m in a hurry and need to get somewhere 5 minutes ago and find myself behind some slowpoke driver I understand what the term road rage really means.  How dare they take a Sunday drive on a Wednesday morning.  And who takes Sunday drives any more any way?  Don’t they know that I have places to be?  How dare the wind blow so hard.  Doesn’t it know that I am sick and tired of looking like a dust bowl rag-a-muffin all the time?  Geez.

In all of these circumstances (and so many more) it’s all about me.  I’m being inconvenienced in some way, my time is more valuable than theirs, my hard work and plans are not being appreciated.

Last week I was having a bad day.  The universe seemed to be conspiring against me and on top of that my goals and plans seemed to be at a stand still.  I was having a serious pity party.  I cried out to God for help.  Amidst all that anguish a friend popped into my head.  I friend who I knew was having a worse day than me.  I knew that I needed to pray for her instead.  So I did and tears flowed.  I realized that no matter my circumstance there is always going to be someone who is having a worse day than me.  It’s not always all about me.  It’s humbling and we all need a little humility every now and then.

Newsflash, I haven’t figured out all of my problems.  The doubt and angst is still there but it’s not so overwhelming.  It ebbs and flows and that’s okay.  I’m sure that I will continue to become enraged at slow drivers and incensed at the wait at the doctors office (I mean, seriously, that really is just rediculous).  I have no doubt that I will become an insane woman when I have to ask my kids 15 times to get their shoes on.  Nobody ignored Capt. Picard when he said make it so, I want to have that much power.

However, I will think twice when my pity party drags me down.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, it’s not all about me.

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    • Stephanie Clinton

      Yes, it is an ongoing lesson. “this too shall pass” is something I have to say to myself often.

  1. Julie {Lilacs & Longhorns}

    LOVED this post, Stephanie! I can SOOOO relate! Why can’t our kids just do what we say when we say it (and everyone else for that matter)? Yes, “make it so.” The power of God should be given to moms, right? lol I have to remind myself of this lesson every so often…I live in the bubble just as much as my kids do. We are so blessed and we are lucky! Thanks for a funny, uplifting reminder! 🙂

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